Middle Eastern Restaurant, Palo Alto

If you are new to Persian restaurant cuisine, allow us a moment to introduce you to the freshness of the Mediterranean and the flavor of the Middle East. Here are a few of our favorite Persian dishes.

Tadig. Letís begin with this unique rice dish that features a crisp crust that forms while the rice is being baked. To complement the tadig, we offer three distinct and delicious sauces. Gheimeh is a sauce made of lentils and tomato, a hearty and satisfying complement to the rice. A bit more adventurous is the Ghormeh sabzi, a green sauce made with kidney beans , fresh herbs, and dried limes. Last but not least, try tadig with fesenjoon, a delightful stew made of pomegranites and walnuts.

Panir Sabzi Plate. Your traditional Persian meal might include this appetizing platter of imported feta cheese and walnuts, generously garnished with fresh mint, watercress, tarragon, and radish. To enjoy this dish, simply place a bit of feta and greens on our warm flat bread. Top it off with sumac, a traditional Middle Eastern spice that lends a slight lemon flavor and vivid red color to many dishes. Fold the bread over the cheese, herbs, and spice. Take a bite, and find yourself transported to another place!

Flavored Rice. As a main course, letís return to rice. We offer many flavored rice dishes, all of which are made with basmati rice, a long grain and slightly aromatic rice favored in Persian cuisine and throughout the Middle East. Adas polo is one of our favorites, made with lentils, dates, and raisins. Another popular dish is baghali polo, which features basmati rice with dill weed and lima beans. We serve baghali polo with lamb shank, perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Yogurt. To compliment any of these dishes, we recommend yogurt, a staple of the Persian table. We offer Maust o Khiar, which features thick Mediterranean style yogurt with mint and Persian cucumbers. Another option is Maust o Mussier, which features chopped shallots. To experience the full effect of any Persian meal, from kebabs to stews to rice, cool refreshing yogurt is a must!

As you browse our menu further, keep in mind that Persian restaurant cuisine is about fresh ingredients and flavor. All of our dishes are made from scratch and cooked to perfection! Of course, if you like what youíve read so far, come to our restaurant and experience Persian cuisine for yourself! Check out our Palo Alto or our San Jose locations.

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